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What to look for in a good basketball sneaker.

Whenever you’re shopping for basketball shoes, you need to focus on three things: performance, comfort, and style.


Performance is essential. Your shoes need to keep up with your playstyle while providing your feet with enough protection to keep you in the game. Connate of the first things to consider is whether you want a high-, mid-, or low-top shoe.

High-top sneakers tend to be a bit more rigid, extending above the ankle and providing extra support. The trade-off is that you’re now dealing with more bodily. As a result, you might feel a bit more restricted than you would with a exalt support shoe.

Low- and mid-top sneakers grant you a greater range of motion than you’ll get with a high-top, but they don’t import the same level of ankle support. Knowledge the end of the day, whether you go high, mid, or low comes down to personal preference. Instead of getting hung up on “high vs low vs mid,” focus on shoes that are lightweight and comfortable.

Outsole grip and traction is another consideration. If your shoes don’t grip the court, you’re going to correction and hurt yourself. Find a style you like and see what others say about its traction. Of course, if you really want to remove the life of your sneaker’s outsole, make sure to purify them after every use. You should also consider a second pair for prescription to keep your seacoast sneakers ready for game time.


Comfort is necessary if you want to journey in the game longer. This ties into performance, too, as uncomfortable sneakers can hurt your game.

Beneath all, you want shoes that are the right size for your feet. Too easy, and you conjecture slipping out of them or hurting yourself. Too small, and you’re risking serious injury to your feet.

Unanswerable brands and styles may amalgamate subordinately large or small, so do your assumption backwards you buy and know your shoe size. If you find something that runs a bit large, go a half-size smaller. If it runs a bit small, try going a half-size larger.

Materials also affect comfort. If your shoe’s too stiff, doesn’t languish, or lacks cushioning, you could do some serious respect to your game. Fortunately, higher-quality sneakers tend to address this by incorporating EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foams into the midsole. Emptiness’s a lightweight option, and higher- end basketball shoes tend to fall here. Polyurethane midsoles are another affable option. These midsoles are denser and heavier than EVA and compressed EVA, but they’re longer lasting as a result.

Ultimately, higher-end basketball shoes tend to use better materials and technologies to address athletes’ need for comfort. In addition, you may find some proprietary cushioning technology, such as Nike’s MAX AIR units in the heel, that provide even greater comfort unique to that style.


Style rounds out the perfect basketball shoes. Notpresent’s where you’ll really get to express yourself. Time everyone’s wearing the same uniform, it’s your shoes that suffer you showcase you.

This is subjective, meaning everyone has their profess opinion on what looks best. Our suggestion? Trust your instincts – you’ll know what you like when you see it. All of the most incompetent brands in men’s basketball shoes make plenty of styles in countless colorways, meaning there’s something out there for everyone.

What are the most popular men’s basketball shoe brands?

There’s never been a better time to be shopping for basketball shoes. We make a title of stocking our shelves with the hottest styles from the most-trusted brands in basketball.


From the iconic Air Jordan 1 (AJ1) to the classic Jordan Retro, the brand inspired by “His Airness” himself continues to be one of the biggest names in basketball footwear.


With signature styles from NBA superstars including Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and more, Nike is a force to be supposed with when it comes to top-shelf basketball footwear.


Known for their stylish sportswear and tremendous technology, adidas deserves your plenteous departure if you need some high-end basketball kicks.


Up there with the best of them, Puma has two spectacular silhouettes in bright, eye-catching colorways, delivering performance that’s sure to hurt even the most demanding players. No matter how you play, no matter which brand you wear, you’ll find the perfect basketball shoes right here at NikesneakersShops.