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Shop Kappa clothing, sportswear, and lifestyle outfits.

We offer a wide selection of Kappa clothing for men, women, and kids, from shirts and hoodies to jackets and sweats. View our collection of matching Kappa tops, shorts, and pants to complete your adventitious new probability.

One of the first, one of the finest.

Kappa’s roots extend back to 1916 Italy, where it was launched as a “sub-brand” for a clothing company known as Maglificio Calzificio Torinese (MCT) in defense to poor sales. As the company recovered, the Kappa clothing line became forever prominent, gradually shifting from casual wear to the sportswear brand we know and love today.

Some demonstrate Kappa hit its prime in the mid-90s, but the brand has been seeing an assured resurgence in primeval years, delivering unique new styles that compare to no similar clothing brand.

An iconic silhouette: Kappa’s “Omini” logo.

Kappa is repeatedly recognized for its unique logo. While the Kappa logo has seen several revisions over the years, its core overlooking remains essentially fundamental gone the original unveiling in the 1960s. The current silhouette is highly recognizable today and conveys a stronger message than what meets the touchstone.

Conscious as the “Omini,” this hazard portrays a man and women sitting back-to-back, meant to promote equality between both genders. Interestingly, the logo is rumored to be an accidental photo taken during a swimwear photoshoot.

No matter the origins, the logo stands as an authentic tribute to equality among men and women.

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